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Get in Shape, Lose Fat and Implement a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle!!!

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Have you allowed yourself to get "out of shape"?

Do you long for a lean healthy body?

Have you been diagnosed with, or are you afraid of the "the health problems" associated with being out of shape, and that they may eventually catch up with you? (Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Immobility, and many more)

Are you tired of having to hold your breath to button your jeans and not wanting to be seen in a bathing suit?

Wouldn't you love to look great naked, have boundless energy and know that diseases will most likely be held at bay because you are radiantly healthy?

If You Answered Yes to Any of These Questions, You Are In The Right Place

Who Am I and How Would I Know?

My name is Mike Edminster and I would have answered yes to all of the above questions just a year and a half ago. I finally decided I'd had enough and I resolved to implement a fit and healthy lifestyle that led to my losing over 50 pounds of fat over a 90 day period, going from a size 40 inch waist to a 32 inch waist and seeing huge increases in the amount of energy I have. (and I was 47 at the time)

I have maintained that weight loss and I bound out of bed each morning bursting with energy, because of the fact that it is totally sustainable and does not require huge amounts of willpower. Once you have the correct knowledge, it is easy.

This is not a "diet" in a box or a"FAD DIET", ( they will never work long term anyway) but a true healthy lifestyle you can live with day in and day out for the rest of your life. Once you gain the knowledge and implement it, keeping a "Happy Weight" will become effortless and part of who you are.

When you create results like that, you become passionate about it and you want to tell everyone who wants to know, how you did it. This website is exactly that. It is the story of how I did it along with links to the exact same resources. I see people around me everyday eating and purchasing food and groceries that are not only keeping and making them fatter but also wrecking their health.

Many times it is not their fault though, because many of those items are marketed to us as health foods and as a way to lose weight, when in actuality they are making matters worse.

Education or Knowledge is the KEY here!!! Not just any knowledge, but the right knowledge from someone who has seen results and for whom it has worked.

 The benefits of a get in shape, fit and healthy lifestyle are huge and may extend your life decades beyond where it may have ended without doing so and those years will be more full of life and enjoyment. It is also the only "TRUE" Fountain of Youth and Vitality. A fit and healthy lifestyle starts with educating yourself about a healthy diet. There are numerous resources for doing so here. In addition, adding activity, if you have been sedentary is crucial. Humans evolved to be at their best when active.

Food Choices are where it all starts, because if you don't start making better food choices, exercise won't help much. Notice that I said "much", it will help marginally but your nutrition protocol will get you 80 percent of your results. On the  Diet Reviews of this website are several different options, all of which offer sound nutritional advice and I have taken all of them into consideration in designing my custom food choice parameters. If I were to recommend just one however as a great place to start, it would be "The Fat Loss Consultant" by Nate Miyaki. He covers a lot of the issues related to staying fit and lean in our modern busy life. One thing I like about Nate is that he documents and backs up all of his claims with hard scientific studies and proof.

You can lose a lot of weight, get in shape, get healthier, prevent and even cure some afflictions simply by starting to eat good, real, nutritious foods, but the second part to lose fat and live a fit and healthy life is activity. Where you start with this aspect is entirely personal. It depends wholly on where you are now. For some, adding a daily walk will improve health tremendously. I do not know where you are right now in respect to physical conditioning and so I will simply say that making more activity or exercise something that you enjoy, will go a long way to making it sustainable. If aggressive weight loss, body sculpting and getting ripped is more your style, I have some great information and reviews on exercise programs that I have used to create great results on my Reviews/Workouts Page.

As said previously, education is the key here, because many of the things that you think are "healthy", may be the very things that are wrecking your fat loss attempts or thwarting your health efforts.

Resolve to start that education right here, right now!  Get in Shape, lose fat and implement a fit and healthy lifestle. You will thank yourself for the rest of your life.



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